Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Strorm

Tulsa is covered in ice as it continues to come down. The roads are dangerous and a lot of business are closed for the day. Schools are shut down, but at least the power lines have not been affected like they where last year. There was a point yesterday that every road had a reported accident on it. One of the main highways had a major 30 car pile up. I made it home from work without a problem, until I got to my driveway. I fell and had to crawl to the grass because I could not stand up. My driveway is on a slop that is kind of steep. Today I am really sore and stiff. It is not expected to get above freezing until Thursday, so I guess I will be staying home until then. I am very thankful that the power has stayed on this storm.


Mike Golch said...

Tey are saying that we are going to be it by that storm as well,but we are supposed to get mainly snow.

Tracy said...

We got hit also on the eastern shore! Stay warm and safe my blogger friend. I hope to that you keep your electrical! My prayers are with you!

Linda said...

I guess I'm thankful for all the snow we're having right now. They're calling for 10-18" !! At least it's plowable. Ice is not. Stay safe!