Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am a happy as can be. I am not going to let anyone steal away my ability to enjoy life. Yes things are different now. Money is tighter. I'm taking a ton of medicine, but I am still me. I just learned a new computer system, so I do have the ability to learn. I had a wonderful weekend. Maybe I was a little hypo manic. I may have found a dog. She is a small Yorkie. We are going to have to see if she gets along with my son's cat. I so want it to work out. Kind of blew my diet today. Had homemade potato soup, bread sticks, now here come the bad part,a big piece chocolate cake. I'll have to do better tomorrow and ride the bike a few extra minutes tonight. My stupid car is acting up, but there has always got to be something going on to keep life interesting. You know It has to happen on the weekend when there is no way to get it checked out. It would not go over thirty miles per hour so I missed church today. I really love the signing and our pastor is a good speaker, so it would have topped off an excellent weekend. I really need to do a load of laundry and run to the night deposit at the bank. I hope every one had a good weekend.


Mike Golch said...

glad that you are doing better,so you blew you diet.So what.I'm gonna throw mine out the window this week on thursday.It'm my Birthday.
Now I need to ask for prayers for a friend.Clinically Clueless is going through some stuff and needs our prayers I have a link to her site from mine.

Rising Rainbow said...

LOL, I'd love to see the Yorkie and the cat being introduced. It could either be a match made in heaven or one made in you know where, but either way a trip to watch. Both critters have such attitudes.