Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I hate my mobile home. It has low flow toilets that always stop up. I just love spending the morning messing with a toilet. Oh. I just had to rant a little bit. Next week when I only have to pay lot rent instead of a mortgage payment,I'll like my mobile home again.


Mike Golch said...

well in ten years our motrage will be paid and than we will only have our association fees,gas and electric,water,sewer fees to pay. moble homes are fine in some areas.I had one when I lived in CA for a while.

Linda said...

we all have to rant time and again..It's rant as much as you need. :)

Raine said...

Hey congratulations on being able to pay it off! Thats an accomplishment

'Tart said...

Sometimes I dream of living in the same RV park as my Mom and stop having to pay mortgage and all these bills. But that's my life right now and I'm pretty much okay with it.