Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hurts To Hear

All my life I've worked hard to improve myself and be a better person. I was a bit of a workaholic. I had been in a supervisory position for 25 years in the medical profession until two years ago when I had to go on disability. I considered myself intelligent as well as a hard worker.
In my last session with my therapist she said something that I just can not get out of my mind. She told me due to my connective tissue disease and bi-polar disease I would most likely never have the same level of cognitive functioning skills again. I have lost so much in the last two years this statement eats away at the very core of my being. I have always been an over comer. This make me feel hopeless and useless. How can an illness steal so much from you? How do you deal with the loss of your ability to think clearly?


Mike Golch said...

Wanda,Bummer that you have to deal with this.Hugs my friend.

Linda said...

That sounds like that hurted you a lot to hear verabally. I'm sorry that it hurt you & that everything is changing, but remember it doesn't make you any less of a person, and you still are very precious, and very intelligent! You were created by Him and He makes no mistakes. PS..thank you for your kind words. This road we travel is very hard..& we must neve give up & must always remember no matter how hard it is He is right there along side of us! :) God Bless!!!

Lily Strange said...

You might not be able to do what you could before, but (and I don't say this tritely) you can find new and worthwhile pursuits. You are good at writing, and there may be volunteer work you can do, such as with your church or a local charity or something, that would not be paid but would surely be important.
I hate that I lost my "edge" when I started taking Lithium, but I can never stop if I don't want to go off on people and be punching holes in walls again and stuff like that. It sucks. But please don't think of yourself as useless. You aren't.

'Tart said...

I think having to deal with obstacles shows how that much more of an overcomer you are.

Hugs to you, Wanda.

Wanda's Wings said...


Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Your support is welcome.


It's good to here that another bi-polar persons can relate. I used to do some of the same things.

Mike Golch said...

Wanda,since you are a regular commentor,I hva some "goodies" for you on my site.

jumpinginpuddles said...

ya don give up an ya keep tryin ta learn and get ya brain runnin

Kahless said...

If it is true, I am really sorry as it has really hurt you.

I dont see how you can loose your intelligence though.