Monday, August 14, 2006


We are suppose to get rain tonight. With the temperatures running over 100 degrees that should provide some relief. Rain can be a wonderful thing. Even in your life some "rain" produces new growth, changes, and more color to life. The problem is, I feel I can not get out of the rain storm. I feel like I'm drowning in the storm. A couple of people have said "you need to get over it". I'm not sure what "it" is at this point. I beleive that if you can't say something good, you should keep your mouth shut. I do feel it is safe to say what I feel here. Sadness seems to be choking me and I don't even know why I am so sad. IF there was a reason then I could handle it. Not knowing why I have been this way is almost as bad as the saddness. I know this can not last forever, but it's not any fun. I see my "T" and "doc" this week. I hope someone can help! I guess I'll try to put on a little smile and pretend everything is fine. Thanks for putting up with me. I'm sorry I have been so blue recently.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I am hoping that you are feeling better soon.

Dreaming again said...

oooooooo stop that pretending!

I'm going to tell!

I'm also going to tell God on you when I pray!

I love you Rumblebuffin!

Jade said...

Hey, I dont think you need to put on a fake face for any of us. I think we're all here to support you. YOU being the prime word there. And YOU are not you when your fake. ;-)

I hope all is sorted out for you soon and that you're able to find a little peace in your days.

jumpinginpuddles said...

tell me where those people who said that are at and ill send marrikkah to find them ;) thats mean and downright nasty you take your time doing what youre doing because people like us dont care how long or short or if forever it takes ok


mysti said...

I am sorry that you are feeling so depressed. I am ticked off at these people who told you to just get over it! Know I am saying a prayer that the doctors find out exactly what is causing this depression. (((Wanda)))

wolfbaby said...

I hate it when people say that crap!!!.... don't fake it with us wander.. were here to help and support no matter what your feeling thats what friends are for you know....

john michael said...

please don't apologize for feeling what you feel. the whole point is to be honest with yourself, which is your journal or blog. some people support you while others are quick to offer guidance like "get over it", ignore them and go with the supportive comments then do as you feel best to do in your own time, not guidance, just an opinion.

peace and blessings

john and keepers

Wanda's Wings said...

Dr Deb,
Thanks for your support

It is OK for you to tell God- thanks for the prayers

Not been good at faking it anyway.

Thanks for helping me see that not everyone really is supportive

Thanks for the prayers

Wolf baby
I guess not everyone want to help. Thanks for caring about me

Thanks for helping me see what I should know