Sunday, August 06, 2006



I put on my mask so no one can see
All the faces and pain inside of me
I become that person you want me to be
I never can show you the real me

A little gril wants to laught and play
But inside of me is where she will stay.
The teen inside hides all the shame
She has alrealy learned to play the game.

Protector and keeper, brave and ture
No one will ever see she's sad and blue
She's tough and fights will all of her might
She must protect from the things that are just not right.

Out side you see the mask I put in it's place
As I pretent to be brave and run this race.
Inside I cry and pray for someone to see
And pain and tears locked deep inside of me.

Wanda Arthington


wolfbaby said...


Hugs and prayers

beatiful poem

You have a gift....

I like your smile!!!

jumpinginpuddles said...

man i say let them out it might help you somewhat


Dreaming again said...

*hugs* you need to contact me and let me know you're ok!

Wanda's Wings said...

Thank you-bout the poem and the smile.

I think you may have seen some last night. Enjoyed IM with you.

Thanks Improved over last night.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

powerful and beautiful words.

mysti said...

(((Wanda))) Your words moved me. Thank you for sharing this. It does however make me wish that I could take away all your pain.

survivor said...

you made me cry and that's not easy! (((safe hugs)))

Wanda's Wings said...

Dr Deb:
Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind words.

Glad you ar back! We are working on the pain. Thank you for your kindness.

You are so brave. I sometimes write to get out the pain. (hugs)