Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Not Sure What To Do

I'm really not sure what to do. I have been having a lot of pain from my arthritis and lupus syndrome. I am having difficulty walking. My SED rate is very elevated. This measures inflammation. My doctor is talking about starting me on a new drug. The problem is the medication can be dangerous and has a lot of side effects. I know one person on the drug and it makes her very sick the day she takes it. It is only taken one day  a week. The medicine really helps her the rest of the week and she is able to carry on a normal life style. I am not sure it is worth the risks. I see the doctor in a couple of weeks and that is when we will make the decision. I will be praying that I make the right decision.

On another note, my cat had what looked like a tumor growing on his belly. I took him to the vet today to find out it was just a large fat pad. Boy did I feel stupid. We are suppose to slowly cut back the amount of food he eats. He is NOT a happy camper! He cries like a baby for more food and rubs against the cabinet the food is kept in. I guess this will just be a slow project.

I am a little nervous about my therapy appointment this week. I had a lot of intense homework that stirred up a lot of emotions. I do want to heal. I guess anything worth having takes some work and pain to get to the final result.


Sarah (Nikki) said...

praying for you Wanda...that you will know whether or not to take that new drug. Your poor cat....cutting back is always hard human or feline.

Chatty Crone said...

I am with Nikki here - I think you have so much going on - so many decisions to make - I will pray for guidance too.

It is not easy to eat less. lol

Love, sandie

So you get my notes I sent to you?

Denise said...

Praying for you, and your cat.

middle child said...

Be sure to express you concerns about the new meds to not only your doctor but also your pharmacist. They know more about meds than doctors do.
Is there a cat food that is the same in volume but lower in calories? 'Course cats are pretty smart so....
Therapy. I hate the ones that give homework. For me,...I just need someone to talk to. Someone to keep me on the right path or tell me to listen to what I just said. Hang in there.

Alice Arthigton said...

hope they help your pain mom

Tracy said...

You may not react the way the other individual who was taking the medicine reacted; you are you! So why not give it a try and then if you have a bad reaction, make a different own't know unless you try!
Glad your kitty is okay...hugs Wanda!