Friday, April 27, 2012

Ups And Downs

Its totally crazy that the least little thing can put me on an emotional roller coaster.

I have found something I really enjoyed doing. It's fabric painting. My first attempt was a set of pillow cases for a dear set of friends. I wish I had scanned them so  I could have posted them. They weren't perfect, but I think they are pretty good. They were pink flowers on a green vein. I have an idea for some tee shirts I want to try. It is so much fun!

I got very upset about a lawn care notice I got today.  I called the complex and the said it was just "trim" notice. They apparently did not like how it was trimmed.  A friend does my lawn care and there is NO WAY I'm going to say anything to him! My complex can be so anal.
Therapy was really rough today. I  really hope talking about some of this stuff will be helpful. My therapist told me to call her if things got too rough. She was also checking to make sure I have a good  support system in place. She wanted to know about my weekend plans to make sure I was not alone. I told her about my small group meeting on Sunday and she just wanted to make sure I stayed safe.


Alexandra said...

Hang in there, Wanda. I know it can all be frustrating and sometimes seems so "old" in pushing through, but it's worth it. You've a beautiful heart - God hasn't given up on you and never will. :)
BIG BIG hugs. xo

Alice Arthigton said...

well next time i can take a pic with my camera mom and give them for u to upload.

middle child said...

They didn't like the way your lawn was trimmed? Sometimes all you can do is roll your eyes.
Feel better. Peace.

Eva Ason said...

Hang in there my friend, you will get through this.
Big hugs


Just Be Real said...

Glad you found something new to enjoy. Continue to confess the Word of God daily that you are healed no matter your symptoms! Hugs

Denise said...

Praying for you, much love to you.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you found something you liked to do. Prayers and hugs. sandie

Stefani said...

Wanda! You know better! You can tell us anything. You aren't going to hurt our feelings. We know how crazy anal your complex is. Joel said he ran out of time after mowing and didn't get the trim work done. We'll get it done tomorrow. ;) Love you xoxoxoxox