Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Sleeping Again

I'm starting to have problems sleeping again. This is the way my manic phase begins. I am hoping I am not  going into another mania. I'm trying to decide if I should call my doctor or just wait till I see him next week. It's not real bad yet, but I really don't feel like going through the mania which leads to a really bad crash.

On the another note is the price of gas! The last few days it has been going up about seven cents every other day. I am afraid this is going to cause everything else to go up in price. We really need a break in the economy.

I think I have the world moodiest cat. She  can be purring up a storm while you pet her, then she will turn and bite you. She is such a strange cat but I love her.  

Ugh, I think I'm having problems with my lap top! It locked up awhile a go and now I'm having trouble shutting down. I hope it's not anything serious, because I sure don't have the money to replace it.Happy hump day everyone


Sophia said...

I'm sorry to hear of this, Wanda. Some of the things I try are a hot water bottle, earl grey tea, soft music, etc.

Hang in there sweet one. Big big hugs to you.

Denise said...

love you, praying for you.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope your computer will reboot itself! And I have noticed the price of gas - it is $5 in CA!

I would call your doctor and see what he says.

I pray for sleep tonight.

Love, sandie

middle child said...

You could leave a message for your doctor just mentioning that you think you are entering a manic phase and see if he wants you to do or take something or if he wants you to wait until you see him. Gas? I feel like getting rid of the car and buying/riding a horse instead.

RCUBEs said...

Praying for a restful sleep to come for you. And yes, this economy is hard!!! Take care.

Ethereal Highway said...


Just Be Real said...

Dear one may you rest easy and put away the troubles of the world as best you can. Safe hugs.

Tracy said...

doesn't it seem as when it rains, it pours? that's been my phase the last few days...we can do it; have FAITH!!!