Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Exhausted

I'm so exhausted! The psychiatrist said this can be expected after being on a long mixed mania with depression episode of the bipolar I. I have to see him again in 2 1/2 weeks. He warned me NOT to change the dosages of the medication because that could flip me into a mania again. I really don't like feeling this exhausted. It's hard to keep from falling a sleep. He said go ahead and sleep because my body needs its,but I can't do that 24/7.

I'm worried about Alice because she fell on the ice on her bad knee. When I called they had just headed out for ER.  She couldn't bear any weight on the leg at all. I hope she did not dislocate something.

Finally no doctor or therapy appointment for tomorrow!  That really runs into the money @ $35.00 a whack.
Well I need to check out my banking account so I'll sign off for now.


Just Be Real said...

Get the rest dear Wanda. Your mind will be somewhat refreshed. Sorry to hear about Alice. Praying all is well with her knee. Blessings.

Tracy said...

I love the graphic...I feel like that sometimes; today, in fact!
Goodness, I hope ALice is okay...and you my dear, if you need to sleep until you can't sleep anymore; your body is telling you to if you are tired!

Sophia said...

Wanda, right now, your body needs all the rest it can get to recoup. It's OK!! =)

Hang in there. Love and you and lifting both you and Alice up.


NOS said...

I think your psychiatrist is right-- after any episode of any illness people often feel tired. Emotions take a lot out of us, you know? Allow yourself to rest, at least for some time.

I hope Alice is okay! She and you are in my thoughts.

Wishing you well,

63mago said...

Not only your body needs the rest, your barin needs too. Sleep is a good thing, just take it. Sleep, think, relax, sleep again. Take this time, I really think it is necessary.