Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Little Bit At A Time

I went through a couple of Chris's dresser drawers today and took some stuff to Good Will. It's still very hard for me to go into his room. A little bit at a time is all I can handle. If I could grant just one wish it would be that no parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child. I guess I'm getting a little better, because I don't cry everyday. Today has been a crying day however. I miss him so much. I try to keep busy. I can actually some days remember happy times we had together. I think that is a good sign. Bad sign is some days I just want to die.


NOS said...

I think it's a good sign too. Even though today is a crying day it sounds like you are getting stronger.


Wishing you well,

Just Be Real said...

God catches those tears you cry and holds them close to His heart.

Denise said...

I left a prayer for you at the lighthouse sweetie.

Andrea said...

GOD will continue to see you through. I praise GOD for the progress you are making and pray HE will continue to pour HIMSELF out to you and through you.

IK said...

I am glad that you are giving some of you son's things to those in need.

It is inspiring to see you push through what pain and adversity you have. I admire your strength and courage.

Take care! *hugs* <3

Prayer Girl said...

I cannot imagine losing one of my children. When I do, I catch the smallest glimpse of the pain you must be suffering.

I love you and God loves you.


Colleen said...

I cannot imagine the pain you must feel. Hugs and prayers for you!

63mago said...

See, it took my father nearly a year until he could go through the cabinets and drawers with my mother's clothes and stuff.