Saturday, May 29, 2010


A friend drug me out of my house to volunteer to work at an adoption center for the SPCA. There where so many cute cats and dogs it hard to believe they where just "throw away" animals. I am totally amazed at how cruel humans can be. Each animal seemed to have it own sweet personality. I think it did me good to get out of the house for awhile. I've signed up to help again.


Catherine said...

Good for you Wanda! I'm sure it is very comforting being around all those cute animals!

Anonymous said...

What a great cause! And I'm glad you got out of the house and that you'll do it again.

And I completely agree with you about how cruel humans can me. One of my puppies is a rescue dog from the Humane Society, and she and her brothers were completely neglected-- when brought to the shelter they had never been touched by a human and were terrified (and my puppy still is very nervous around strangers). I shudder to think of what could have happened to her if she hadn't been rescued. Not to mention the shelter we rescued her from was a kill shelter.

But I digress. You did a great thing today. And it sounds like you have a great friend. You should be proud of yourself.

Wishing you well,

Grace said...

Good for you! I adopted my 3 year old golden ret/great pyreneese mix from a 2nd chance rescue and he is the sweetest dog ever!

Wendy Love said...

Helping out at the animal shelter sounds like a great depression getaway to me. I remember taking my mom there awhile after she lost her husband. She picked up this one little cat and it nuzzled right into her neck and she cried. Of course we took it home with us! That cat was a antidote for grief.... Hope the day spent with innocent animals was a good antidote for you too!

sarah said...

this is soooo great...good for your friend...and good for you.

Prayer Girl said...

What a wonderful thing to do. It sounds like it brought good feelings to you.

I would have trouble volunteering in that manner. I would want to bring all the animals home.


Anonymous said...


Just Be Real said...

Wanda, what a wonderful thing for you. Got you out of the house and to be around such adorable animals. Hope you too are able to do this again. Woof Woof