Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I have actually been smiling some. I laughed out loud once today. I had forgotten how good it feels. I remembered Chris and good memories came to my mind. Do I still wish he was alive? Of course, but I can remember some of the good times we had together. Love is such a strong force. I'm not saying I'm done crying for him, but it is at least not all tears. I want to thank all the encouragement everyone has given me. Without the support of my friends I would have never made it. Thank You!


Prayer Girl said...

How wonderful to know that you have been smiling. A lot, a little - doesn't matter. I'm just glad you feel better.


Anonymous said...

How lovely! I'm so happy for you.

Wishing you more laughter and smiles,

IK said...

It makes me feel good to know that you can smile and laugh after so many tears and with more to come. I admire your strength! Take care! *hugs* <3

Just Be Real said...


Blessings my smiling Wanda.

Mary said...

So thankful!!

Wanda I found a blog today that you may wish to visit.

Angie lost her daughter a few years ago.


ghostseeker said...

Glad you are able to find a sense of peace.

sarah said...

you amaze me. You inspire me. ☺

Wanda's Wings said...

Mary, thank you for sharing that blog.