Thursday, July 16, 2009


Man have I been hyper the last two days. You know the"crawling out of your skin" hyper. Saw my doctor today and will see my "T" tomorrow. They are drawing up a hardship letter to see if I can get some drug assistance. That would help my stress so much. They are also working on a scholarship for me so I can see my "T" more often. I sure hope this works out. They have me check in by phone weekly, but for cost sake I am only seeing them once a month. If this "scholarship" is approved I will get to see my "T" once a week. I'm not sleeping well. Having "feeling nightmares". What I mean is that I can feel the physical pain of the abuse in my dreams. Sounds like several of my blogging friends are struggling now also. I wish healing and peace for all.


Just Be Real said...

I pray all goes well with you Wanda and you will be able to see your T face to face weekly and get the appropriate meds! I think that is real important!

Sorry your feel like jumping out of your skin. I too can relate dear one.

Safe Hugs

Mike Golch said...

Been thewre done that as well.Hugs my friend.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we hope this works out for you everyone needs the opportunity to see a T weekly

Raine said...

I hope that all comes thru for you, they should have done that long ago

Lily Strange said...

I hope you can get some assistance with your meds too. That is just so screwed up that people can't get the medication they need.
I hate irritability too.
I've only had feeling dreams a few times. The worst was right after I had my son. It involved being brutally sexually assaulted. The weird thing is that the birth was cesarean so it couldn't have been a memory of trauma "down there" from giving birth.
Not long after that I started having vague memories of being molested. The shadowy figure dreams suddenly started making sense to me.

Wanda's Wings said...

I also did not remember the abuse until after the birth of my children.