Saturday, November 25, 2006


Seems in life we can not stop change. A very good friend is moving. I know that we will keep in touch by e-mail, letters, and phone, but it will not be the same. My heart hurts. Not being able to see and hug this person will cause a void. I'm happy for the fact it is a good move for them, but am sadden by the lost of being able to see them in person. I guess I'm being selfish, but I really hate to see them move. Change is just hard to deal with.


Jade said...

I definately understand what you're feeling. I'm having a lot of change in my life as well, and have my brakes on about some of it. And you're right, change is not something that can be avoided, infact if we want to survive it gracefully I think we have to embrace it. See it as a new beining for something great and new... Some situations may be more challanging than others to see the possible opprotunity, but its there non the less.
I hope your heart and soul find peace soon.

jumpinginpuddles said...

change is the hardest thing in life but holidays to visit are always full of excitement


wolfbaby said...

I'm sorry sweetie... HUGS Big Hugs

mysti said...

Wanda I think that is one of the hardest lessons in life to deal with "Change". With out Change though one can not grow. So even though change hurts, it is a necessary thing. (((Hugs))) Know I am thinking of you, and truly understand your heartache. I have had to not only say goodbye to some friends dear to my heart when they moved, but I have left friends behind in my own moves. The hurt does lesson in time.

Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...

Wanda I read your Nov. 5th post and then I read your most resent ones. It seems to me that you have somewhat overcome the extreme sadness that you were experiencing. I think you are on the right track when you count your blessings.


Wanda's Wings said...

Thanks for your support and advise. You are very much apperciated.

I hate change but you are right about holiday visits


You are so sweet. I need more time because this has been a hard year.

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm really trying not to let things get the best of me. I do believe God is the only answer.

beautifuldreamer said...

I don't do change well, I resist it at every turn. Yet I can see in retrospect how many changes I've had no control over have been blessings in disguise. We don't usually know how a particular change is going to fit into our lives, and whether or not it will in fact prove a blessing. Sometimes all we can do is just keep on keeping on, and embrace whatever support we may have in friends and family.