Friday, November 10, 2006


This picture represent the innocents of childhood. How pure and sweet children are.

Lighthouse represents peace in a time of storms. I feel my life is a storm right now and my lighthouse is my faith in God.

I just recently started painting and I was wanting some input and suggestions.


Dreaming again said...

oooooo wait till you hear the song Still on Thanksgiving!!!

your lighthouse picture reminds me of it!

I love those Wanda!

wolfbaby said...

Ha they are as great as i knew they would be!!!! Those are beatiful!!! I love the light house!!! hugs to you and thank you bunches for sharing!!!

mysti said...

Wow~! I love both paintings. :) Holy moly your angel is beautiful. It takes such talent to be able to paint people! You are simply wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. The light house I feel such peace when I look at it. Even in the storm. That says a lot. Your angel well it made me smile right away!

Thanks for blessing my evening with your beautiful work.

cheesemeister said...

I've always loved lighthouses and I really like the colors in this one. The one of the girl/angel is nice too, but I have a thing for lighthouses.
Keep doing it. One problem creative people tend to have is believing we have to create something perfect. So many people with talent give up just because they aren't perfect. That's always a mistake! But hell, how many times have I come close to hitting the delete button on my story? The only thing that's kept me from it is the fact that I've been working on the damn thing for 14 years, so now its time to cram it down the public's throats whether they like it or not!
Keep painting!

Wanda's Wings said...

Thank you sof much for your input. I agree that I'm always worried that my painting are not perfect. I guess I will just keep on painting.