Friday, October 13, 2006

Safe In the Storm

Winds of uncertainty, waves of despair
Beat aganist my soul in the night
Tempest rage in my mind
As I desperatly seek for a glimmer of light

Nothing feel safe, and I'm chilled to the bone
The wave of despair crash against my soul
Yet in the storm I see Jesus' face
His hand reached out for me to take hold

I think I going to go under the waves.
But He tells me I am never alone
I'm safe in His arms as the storm rages on
Jesus promises to take me safely home

There is no need to fear the storms of life
No need to worry or tremble in fear
I find safety in His gentle arms
No matter what happens Jesus is near


wolfbaby said...

Very nice wanda very very nice and comforting.

jumpinginpuddles said...

i hope that doesnt mean wanda that hes taking you home sooner than you are actually ready for?

mysti said...

I am glad you are feeling the comfort of Jesus right now holding you close. Remember Jesus heals all wounds.. He wants to carry you in his arms because you are one of his sheep. He will hold you in those very arms protecting you from all harm, and keeping you very safe.

marja said...

That's beautiful, Wanda. That's how Jesus is alright. You can always take comfort in that. Take care of yourself, ok? From your sister in Christ - marja

Irene said...

Very touching! Thanks for sharing and keep inspiring with your blog. c",)