Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dark Memories

Dark memories still fill my mind each day,
Like the fog in the damp and the cold.
They take me to dark places,
How can memories be so bold?

I try to fight these memories of old,
By puling my blanket over my head.
I know when they take me,
I will tremble in fear and dread.

How these memories from so long ago,
Still trouble me so deeply, even my soul?
Only a child then, these memories still have a hold.
To take me to dark places no one should go.

I try to rewrite new memories each day.
I look for new joy in all the good thing that I see.
But at night in the darkness, these memories try to stay.
Someday these dark memories,will have no hold over me.


Dreaming again said...

very good ...too good

jumpinginpuddles said...

i hope someday for both you and us the meories wont have a hold, our T just said those things today to us as we struggle with some really tough issues, once again youve said things so well. We are really gald you decided to start blogging because we really like visiting your blog many thanks.

Dreaming again said...

See Wanderful

I told you my blog world needed you. :)

Beauty said...

The aftermath of abuse takes such a toll on us--the memories of which you speak, the horrible dreams or not even being able to sleep because of fears which keep up awake.

Thank you for the truth of this poem. Every little bit of honesty helps someone take another step, if only a baby one.