Friday, April 28, 2006

Wall of Stone

A little child learn to build her wall of stone.
No arms to comfort her, she was all alone.
Each stone was placed with grief and pain.
She cried and prayed, but no one came.

She built the wall higher each day.
This wall was to keep her pain away.
She did not know this wall of stone,
Would soon become her prison home.

Now numb and frozen in this place.
She never was really safe.
No one would hurt her any more.
To her soul, she had closed the door.

She tried to leave this world behind.
She looked and looked, but could never find
Any hope, any joy, any safe place here
Her life was now too full of fear.

In despiration she prayed and cried,
"Oh, Jesus why haven't I died? "
Jesus reached down and took her by the hand.
He said in love "I'll help you stand."

Together they are tearing down the wall of stone.
Replacing it with a heavenly home.
Now she has joy and peace within.
She no longer is under the curse of sin.


Dreaming again said...

Oh Dear Rumblebuffin ... your feet are turning straighter every day!

jumpinginpuddles said...

thanks we need to see this right now because the pain is getting far too great and we are moving god further and further away. Thanks

wolfbaby said...

beatiful poem. It's not something you just read, but feel.

wolfbaby said...

I hope you don't mind but im going to link to this poem for a fun monday post.. you do know this is the reason i created a blog right? so I could comment on this;)