Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a day!

Some days are just out there. This has been one of those days. Out of bed, running late to work (well not really-Got there on time instead of being early) and my mind racing at 100 miles per hour. So much that needed to be done today, but all I could do was put out "little fires" all over the office. Nobody was happy today. Gee, everyone needed some Xanax or something! Now I'm trying to relax and pull in these racing thoughts. Just need to slow down, but can not! The organization is out the window and I want to pull my hair out! I wonder what the moon is doing? Oh,well maybe its just me. Gee, there is nothing wrong with being hyper all the time is there? Anyway when I'm not going in circles, I can get a lot done. At least I'm happy! Better run on to the next thing, but it feels better just to let some of this out of my mind.


Dreaming again said...

It's like my button says "Is it time for your medication or mine?"

usually hers ...theirs ... did I say that?

Don't pull your hair out'd look funny bald.

you can organize?

jumpinginpuddles said...

hope you stop running before your shoes get holes in them ;)

It's me, T.J. said...

Nice to meet you Wanda!

It was the same way at my work too. It just seemed kind of weird all day today.


I think that is the word I would use to describe my day.

It's probably due to the weather.

I think.


Dreaming again said...

testing my picture ...

unsettling a good word ...especially for when you expect to see someone's beautiful face and they don't show hum ...;) ...oh, wait ... I said you were forgiven didn't I?

guess you could use the same against your sunday school teacher for last week huh?

You simply MUST tell RS&&Dr.BH about this poetry!!!!!!!

Love ya Trouble,