Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missing Love One Over The Holidays

I'm going to a support group tonight for parents that have lost  a child. I've been struggling and hope to get a boast of strength from the meeting. I want to make this a good Holiday season for Alice. We are planing on having one guest for Thanksgiving. I want to make it special for Alice. She is so excited. We always had a big dinner on Thanksgiving and put up a  Christmas tree that night. Last year Alice was across the country and I spent the day at a friends house so I would not be alone. Things just aren't the same with Chris gone. I miss him so much. It's like it was yesterday on some days.


Anonymous said...

Hello Wanda, yes meeting other people with the same or similar experience may help - you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Sending heart beats to you Wanda..the 18th of December, my son, Craig at 22 had many many gifts under the tree, I had carefully picked out each one especially the red western shirt with pearl snaps ..a brand new billfold, socks ...on and on 11:36 that night he died in an automobile accident... I opened one gift ..the red western shirt with pearl snaps...he was laid to rest in this gift of much love! The last day I saw him alive was that Thanksgiving holiday before the 18th of the holidays were and sometimes still are tough, and even still today, almost 15 years later, there is a void like where is Craig...I stopped making his favorite dessert that was always on my dessert table,until about five years ago, when my youngest son, Doug ask me to make it please.I cried, sobbed, wept, hurt as I prepared it for the first time after Craig's death and even still as I post this my heart hurts and tears fill my eyes: So I crossed that bridge and made the dessert for my son. Never can it ever be what it was before Craig left us for he added so much "flavor " to our holidays, our lives: A link of our precious chain is missing:
My comfort ... remember the Footprint writing....the one set of footprints...I have been carried in the most loving tender arms since December 15, 1996...I pray as you learn to release each tear upon his bosom that you will also find the healing peace I found in his heart, as it beats for me < for you>
his wounded daughters:

Chatty Crone said...

Now this sounds silly - can you two volunteer at a soup kitchen Thanksgiving in Chris's memory? sandie

Ps I am sorry about Chris' death.

Denise said...

God bless all your efforts for others, love you.