Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I don't know what up (or down) with me lately. :) I fell again last night. At least I didn't break anything! I'm just very sore all over and have a few bruises. Blue is suppose to be my color. LOL.  I have had two bad falls this year. The first one I broke my foot. I just don't know why this is happening. Maybe I just try to move too fast or something. Enough about my gracefulness.

Seems that there are a lot less trick or treat children out each year. I think this is sad because it used to be such a fun time for kids. We did have a cute little monkey carried by his daddy that came last night. Now the question is what to do with all the left over candy?


Mike Golch said...

I'm glad that you did not break anything.as far as the trick or treaters well one reason is that there are a lot more restrictions being place on when and how long kids can be out collecting goodies not to mention the jackasses that are "doctoring" the candy with things that can harm kids.

Faycin A Croud said...

I fell back in January and apparently bruised the bone in my left arm. It was pretty sore until late March. It's snowing here and slick so I came down the steps from my son's apartment VERY SLOWLY! I guess we have to be careful!

rcubes said...

Glad you're okay! Especially the knees! God bless and protect you.

Andrea said...

Glad you did not get hurt. Praying GOD fully restores your heart and body.

Chatty Crone said...

Maybe your neighborhood is growing up.

And I am so sorry you feel. Falls are nasty - so please be careful with yourself.


Denise said...

Praying that you will not have any more falls, please be careful.