Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is time to start fixing up the place for spring . We need to paint the deck & front steps. Put out some flowers and maybe a hanging basket or two to brighten up the place. My son is not looking forward to mowing the lawn. It seems like spring is really short here. It goes directly to summer. My allergies think it is spring. My noses always knows! I am looking forward to some color.


Mike Golch said...

spring has sprung well almost anyway.

Lily Strange said...

I love the color. I just wish the depression didn't come with spring but it almost always does.

Dreaming again said...

mom is in the hospital. Remember when she fainted at church and they kept her in the hospital for 4 days then we spent 2 weeks of 'maybe stroke/maybe not' (which was the only answer we got)

Same situation ...fainted, blurred vision, double vision, and slurred speech with normal blood sugar.

Top it off ..she had a bad fall a week ago, broke 2 ribs and a partially collapsed lung ... which she refused to allow them to hospitalize her for ... although ER found no collapse on xray yesterday.

I'm pulling my hair out here!

Wanda's Wings said...

Dreaming I left some comment on your blog. Call me if I can help. I will be praying for her.