Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well I got my paycheck Friday and boy was there a big surprize. My check was only about one third of what it should have been. My hours have already been reduced, but someone made a error causing my check to be very short. Of course they are "very sorry" and will have it fixed the next check! I only have to suffer with no money for two weeks. Not a big deal to them, but sure will make my life interesting. Just an "oops" on someone part. In a few years maybe I can laugh about it.


Enigma said...

Fix it on NEXT payday?

Off by a few hours I could understand that, but only 2/3's of your check missing?

I think you should talk to them and explain that you would like to eat and be able to make it to work for those two weeks... perhaps they could "advance" you some of their mistake and deduct it out the "correction pay" that should be on the next check?

wolfbaby said...

Gesh thta is one heck of an opps... im sorry honey... i know it's hard but think of the silver lining.. (sorry it was the only thing i could come up with) at least your check will be bigger next time... Hugs !!! and chin up ok.. your time will come where everything will go well foryou im positive of it!!!

Dreaming again said...

*hugs* you know, we're praying for you...

Thanks for coming today, and hammering a nail in my wall!

Drive by the house tomorrow. You'll be amazed.


Sunnie Dee said...

man that sucks. having said that when my employer underpaid me they did the same thing except for the time I only got paid $50 insted of $600 then I went balistic until they fixed it

Dream Writer said...

I cannot stand employers and businesses that say, "OOPS!, we will fix it on the next check!" OH, it is OK that we worked our butts off for them, but come time to pay what is owed...they feel that they have the right to hold off on paying what the person's deserves.

That is why I am so glad that I don't work right now...LOL

I would demand that money now.

Wanda's Wings said...

Seems the bigger the company the more red tape there is to fix a problem. Gives me something to look forward to. lol

Don't oops make life interesting! This too will pass and next time will be better.

Dreaming Again:

Loved hammering a nail for you! ((PK))

Sunnie Dee:
How terrible! You didn't even have food money! At least they gave me enough to feed us!

Dream Writer:
They wouldn't like if we forgot to come to work. I guess they don't look at it that way, do they?

Raine said...

what a bunch of crap- soooooo do you get to put off correcting YOUR errors for two weeks???

keepers said...

that sucks!! happened to john when he was in the navy, got a check for 2 weeks for less than $20, we were in shock!!! he sold blood that week to buy us food. i feel for you.


Fallen Angels said...

Wanda, call and raise some blood pressures. If it was YOUR error then they can take their time fixing it...THEIR error must be fixed IMMEDIATELY! Call human rescources and tell them you can't eat without your damn money! They will jump on payroll...guarenteed.


cheesemeister said...

Payroll errors--what joy!
My company once post-dated all our checks and then canceled them all and reissued them. I had to take the re-issued check to my check cashing place and apologize to them. I don't know why they couldn't have just let the checks go through! Dumb!