Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1 Week

I'm not dead yet from the exercise. It's been one week and it is not a habit yet. I'm trying a water aerobic class this evening to see if that will cut down on some of the joint pain. With the connective tissue disease it's improtant not to over do it and protect the joints. My doctor recommended this, so I'm giving it a shot. So far the most painful thing is thinking about wearing a swimingsuit in public! Scary thought! Getting fit was something I really wanted to work on this year. So better late than never to start!


Dream Writer said...

Hey - I just started my exercise regimen, too. Never too late for good health!

Yes! Isn't it awful how the bathing suit feeling is much worse than the exercise? I could so relate.

Jade said...

Keep it up Wanda, 20 day total to create a habbit (in theory) and you've got 8 under your belt. And great job for readjusting your workout to fit better with your life. If something gives you too much pain, try something else. Thats what a doc would say, and you did it on your own. So good job. Keep at it! :-)

Raine said...

water aerobics sounds like fun to me..... that might even be an exercise I might actually do LOLOL

mysti said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Water Arobics are the easiest on ones joints. It has been recommended for me also because of my fibromyalgia. I hope you enjoy! Wish I was there with ya to do the exercises too!

The GurL said...

I read on another blog that you had PTSD and followed the link over here as it's something I struggle with myself. You have a great site and I've bookmarked it so I can return again.

Best of luck in your new exercise program and that water aerobics too. I did those years n' years ago and absolutely loved though I always love anything that involves being in water. I must be part fish or something. ;)

wolfbaby said...

Good luck with that wanda dear.. you'll do great and it will make you feel better all around!!!

Enigma said...

i thought it was 30 days to start a habbit... or is that to break a habbit?

Keep up the good work! I hope the water aerobics work out well for you!

Dreaming again said...


jumpinginpuddles said...

good luck


Wanda's Wings said...

Dream Writer
Maybe we can get healthy together. It's nice that you visist my site.

Its' getting closer to a habit and it has been kind of fun.

I enjoyed the watere and it didn't feel as much like "Work". lol

My doctor suggested it too. It's kind of fun. Wish you were here.

The gurl:
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes PTSD is one of my biggest struggles. It helps talking with others that understand.

Wolf baby;
Wish we lived around the street then we could do this together. (with proper cover ups!)

Yes getting closer to a habit. I need some goods ones!

Dreaming Again:
We got to find something we can do together! you love execise. I tolerate it! lol

Thanks for the luck. My body hurts, but its a good hurt>

Confessions of The GurL said...

I definitely understand, Wanda. Please feel free to drop by my site or drop me an email if you ever wanna talk more.