Friday, December 06, 2013

Winter Is Here

Broken Arrow has been in a winter storm. We got 6 inches of snow last night compared to Tulsa 4.6.  The bad part is the temperature is going to drop down to 2 degrees tonight. Now that is cold! I am so thankful for my dear friends that had their kids treat our ramp and front porch. The city is doing a good job on the main roads but we live off the beaten track. Some stores are even running out of bread, milk, and eggs!

My knee is getting better. It is still sore. I was hoping by this time it would be better than it is. Alice is cooking right now and we are just taking it easy.


The Real Cie said...

I'm glad your knee is doing better. It's bitterly cold here too. I don't have a working furnace. It's like trying to get cozy in a meat locker!

Gaia said...

Hi Wanda, i am back blogging again..
reading about your knee I am freaking out over mine.

I am too afraid to have it checked worried they will tell me I need a knee replacement. Will ignorance be a bliss here. cheers