Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas Chris

         Hi baby! This is your third Christmas in Heaven. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be. Alice and I went to see the Christmas lights at Rhema tonight. Do you remember when you were little and tripped over the lights and unplugged them? Today it makes me smile when I think about it. I could feel you watching down on us as we took the drive tonight.
          You always loved Christmas. I have so many beautiful memories of the good times we had! You were a Christmas present shaker always trying to guess what was under the tree. Do you remember me putting canned food in your present to fool you? I have always been a little crazy haven't I? lol
           Alice and I are planning a quite Christmas. Your Aunt Sallie might come for dinner but we are not sure. Dinner will be turkey and the fixing.
            I miss you so much but am so thankful for the 27 years we had. You have given me so many wonderful memories. I just wish I could hug and kiss you again. You keep that computer system in Heaven running smoothly. Until I see you again know that I love you!

        Little Moma


The Real Cie said...

It's my dad's third Christmas on the Other Side too. The time flies, yet it seems like it happened just yesterday.
Peace and blessings to you.

Alice Arthigton said...

i know he looks down and watches over you mom. ill do best i can to make you happy.


Chatty Crone said...

I know you miss him. I know too he should not have died. And I know I don't know why.But I do believe that he is in Heaven and that it is a wonderful place!

I lost my brother when he was 51 in 1997. I can't believe it has been that long. But I'll tell you what I think now - he has had it a lot better then those of us left behind.

I am so sorry. And I am glad you have Alice.

Love, sandie

Nikki (Sarah) said...

aww Wanda....wishing you a gentle day...and sending you tons of hugs.