Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trying To Stay Upbeat

I'm really trying to stay upbeat right now. Life is not very good right now and I am fighting depression big time. I keep looking at my "grateful journal" and realize that I do have things to be thankful for. Depression clouds what one sees and I know that it is a uphill battle. I still believe it is worth fighting. Depression would like to destroy and kill me, but I can NOT let that happen. I hate the suicidal voice that is in my head. I battle him frequently. Today is national suicide prevent day and I will not become a "sad" number on some chart.  I can win by doing life one minute at a time.


Just Be Real said...

Hang on dear one. (((Wanda)))

Chatty Crone said...

Wanda - I hate to ask this - but why would you want to end your life? You are so loved and you have so much value - it is just that you can't believe it. Love, sandie

Being Me said...

Look up friends, Wanda, take a walk in any wide open space and just breathe and know that there's a lot of goodness in the world still waiting for you to experience.

God bless you with his Peace.