Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm not sure how to over come the isolation I feel in my church since we have a new pastor. The minister of music is great, but I just don't feel like I belong anymore. I had requested the pastor call me three times and he never called. I missed several weeks and seem nobody cares.It used to be such a caring place. It makes me so sad. I talked with my good fried PK and she feels something is wrong too. I know I am a person with needs,but church is somewhere you should be able to get your need met. Am I wrong for feeling this way?


Lynn said...

No, I don't think you are wrong to feel this way. We all need places where we can get our needs met.

hopefulsl said...

Hi Wanda!
absolutely not. My Mother inlaw and Father inlaw had the same problem,they left the church and found another one.
they are very happy with their choice.
And I also wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog!!!
May God be with you...
Stacy, Also known as hopefulsl

hopefulsl said...

Hi this is Stacy!
thanks for visiting my blog.
And No, you have every right to feel this way. My parent Inlaws had the same problem. They changed churches and are very happy with their choice.
May God be with you.

Raine said...

Idunno- I would think they should answer you requests but I have never felt much support from a church ...........

A- Truckers- Wife said...

no..I do not think you are wrong for feeling this way. Church is a place where you should be able to connect.. and when you are not there, people take notice and make an attempt to find out where you're at& find out waht's going on in your life, and try to help you. I think you're lagit in your feelings. I'd feel the same way & I have before until I found a church I call home.

keepers said...

we had that problem with a church we went to, the pastor talked wit us when she needed something to be done but when we were having a bad time and needed her she was no where to be seen. we weren't the only ones to experience this with her and many of us have left her church. sometimes that is what is necessary.

hope this all works out for you

peace and blessings


Dreaming again said...

Ok, I realize I'm Pk, so I don't really count. *grin*

But when * ****** **** **** ***** *** ****** ****** ** **** ** **** **** ... (bleeped out)

There are issues!

Just sayin or not sayin as the case may be.
... ;o)