Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm fighting depression right now due to all the changes in my life. I am really scared about what is going to happen next and if I will be able to stay in touch with reality. I am really struggling with the desire to SI. I know there are people that care about me, but I am pulling into my shell more and more. I want to make sure I am doing the right thing. I can't believe how unsure of myself I am right now. What is wrong with me?


Jade said...

Its natural to doubt one's self during tough times. Im sorry you're facing such a battle Wanda. But I'm really happy that you are willing to share with us where you're at emotionally.
I'm sure you know that SI will only add to the problem at hand, so, try to give yourself some safe alternatives. Get some canned food and go outside and slam it on the cement over and over ( Don't worry, it wont break open, I've done it before). Tare paper, do push ups, leave the environment if need be. Maybe go to your church during the hardest times, call a friend. Just give yourself some safe options to think about as an alternative. Keep blogging. The chances of you retreating into yourself decreases the more you express and let out.
You are care for by MANY Wanda. Stay safe and keep up the good fight.

wolfbaby said...

ahh honey with everything your going through what your feeling is to be expected

not that it helps one little bit

my thoughts and prayers are with you many many hugs

keepers said...

Dear Wanda

Like others have said here, many care and have you in their thoughts and prayers, as do we! ((((Wanda))))

peace and blessings


jumpinginpuddles said...

into sheelklk when hurting is actually normal wanda, no one i expect ahs told you that but in shell to protect others is a survivor who cares.
Step out say nore write more we are listening

Cheesemeister said...

I fear change too. I think things will turn out fine for you. People like us tend to balk against change, even when the change is good.