Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today is the superbowl and I am going to a party. I must say football is not my favorite sport, but I am looking forward to the fellowship. My good friend is having the party at her house, but I am a bit concerned about her. She really fighting some difficult memories and other issue now, so I am hoping the party will bring her some peace and support. Food and laughter is goood for the soul. I have got my dish in the oven so I can't spend too much time on the computer or I'll be taking a burnt offering inside of desert. I hope everyone is enjoying today. Deeper thoughts next time!


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

See if you can catch the Puupy Bowl on the Animal Planet Station. It's adorable (for about ten minutes)

john michael said...

go, enjoy, get away from it all! you deserve a break so relax


MYSTI said...

I hope you had fun, and your friend was able to enjoy!

Jade said...

Hope you had a great time Wanda, and hopefully your friend found some comfort in her friends being near. I'm with Dr Deb the puppy bowl is but I can only take about 3 minutes of it, she's much more tollerant than I.

Dreaming again said...

Too bad we don't have cable ... puppy bowl would have been great half time intertainment! Much better than Prince! *ugh*

You are a dear friend!!

I will agree with most of what you said up there .... at least the laughter being good for the soul .... *sideways glance*
Good grief have you ever seen so much food for so few people??? My husband went nuts!

The best entertainment ... the two year old little girl and 3 year old little boy we got to watch in the living room! Ohhh so fun!

Wanda ... I had a PARTY at my house!!!! How cool is that??