Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out of Control

I hung in there for the holidays but I feel everything is coming apart at the seams. Holidays are hard for me, but I did good Thanksgiving day. It has been the days that follow that are really rough. My food is out of control, I binge then purge. I'm sick of this type of living. I sick of being depressed when everyone seems so happy. I'm tired of crying even if I know it is normal for the healing process. I think I am going to call my therapist. I am so sad I not sure I can wait until tomorrow.I'm going back to bed.


RCUBEs said...

So sorry that you are going through this. But there is nothing impossible with the Lord and I'm believing all His wonderful promises for you, of healing, of protection, of freedom. Hang in there sister!

Just Be Real said...


Andrea said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please wrap your loving arms around Wanda and hold her close. Please heal her heart, soul, and body. Please do what no human can do for her...carry her through this difficult time and restore her fully to the person you created her to be. In Your precious and holy name, amen.

Prayer Girl said...

You are a precious child of God. You have extreme value and you are worth doing anything and everything you can to take care of yourself and grow healthier.

With time and persistence and God's help you will.


Mike Golch said...

Been there way to many time myself.{{{{BIG TIME HUGS}}}}}Hang in there.

sarah said...

When I was throwing up everyday my t. asked me what are you trying to get rid of. I didn't know. I didn't want to know....I couldn't admit it. Praying for you.... Praying for you to be free. Stay safe, ok. Sarah

Dreaming again said...

check that out. I've not looked at it yet, but I'm familiar with her.

love you!

Wonderingsoul said...

Dear Wanda.
Just wanted to say that I hear you and am thinking of you.
I'm so sorry you are feeling so desperate and so weary.
I understand so well the tiredness that you describe... the fact that it all seems so relentless.
Hoping that you can hang in there until the pain gets a little less and also hoping that you have a safe plae to go when you see your therapist.
Much love