Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lack of sleep

It has now been a week with a total of 8 hours sleep for the the entire week. My doctor gave me ambien last night and I slept 4 of the 8 hours. I am so wide awake it is scary. I'm way past the "fun" stage. I guess they haven't quite got the meds right yet. At least I not depressed. :) "big happy face." The first few night I went out and did stuff,but I have been making my self stay in bed the last few days. Anyone have any sleep time suggestions?


Mike Golch said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble sleeping. I think I get too much sleep. especially after having some seizures. I had a couple today and ended up sleeping for 3 hours.

Lily Strange said...

Being unable to sleep is scary. I went through it a bit last week myself. Ended up falling asleep at the wrong time and missing school. People who don't endure this just don't understand.

Hopefulsl said...

I wish i could help you on this matter....BUT.....I myself is dealing with the same issue!!!! I totally know what you are going through right now. In your case it sounds like the meds are doing this to you, but in my case i believe it is stress related.
All i know is that it really sucks to be tired all the time!!!! I'll pray for both of us to get some rest soon.
((((HUGS)))) My Friend,

keepers said...

Dear Wanda

We went through the sleeplessness many years ago and it was terrible. We just had so much turmoil within we could not sleep. Wish we had some great advice for you.

take care


Dreaming again said...

please come visit me after church tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jade said...

Ambien didn't really work for me either. I tried both the regular and the Ambien CR. All it did was make me sleep eat and at times I would get like you and sleep for 4-5 hours but never a "full night". I've found that not having the TV on an hour before I try to sleep helps settle my mind even though I am dependent on background noise.

Reading and peaceful music can help too. Good luck to ya. Hope you get some good sleep soon!

Raine said...

Sleeping pills never worked for me. Seroquels does

Mary said...

Seroquel is the only thing that works for me, Its rotten not being able to sleep, and sure messes up your day.. take care..Mary