Monday, January 15, 2007


I am ready for a little warm weather. Today is the 3rd day we have been covered in ice. It did stop with the freezing rain, but there is still a danger of more power outages due to the winds. It is so cold and I hate being "trapped" in the house this long. Seems we are out to set records this year. We have already had a big snow and now we have this ice storm to add to the books. Today the sun is shinning, but it's in the twenties. At least we have love to keep us warm.


keepers said...

we too had ice on saturday and lost our power for 14 hours! hope you at least have your heat!!!


Dreaming again said...


Dreaming again said...

heard you made it to the store ... did Don tell you he hasn't been able to drag me out of the house. I've not been anywhere since church on Wednesday.

BTW ... no church tomorrow.

You know ... if my family would give me some space, I could get used to this.

(I know, that is so not a good thing)

MYSTI said...

(((hugs))) I hope you are keeping warm.

wolfbaby said...

brrr I share your pain it is sooooo cold here...
friday ice
saterday ice
sunday ice
monday snow
wed snow
gesh enough already


hows the painting goin?

Wanda's Wings said...

Any one ready for spring??