Monday, January 04, 2010

Feeling Lost

I'm feeling a little lost the last few days. I do so want this new year to be better than last year. I am obsessed with food issues. The purging is not working so now I am trying restricting. The holidays are a bad time for food. I hate this, but it is all I can think about. My therapist is on a leave of absence right now. There are just to many ads on TV about losing weight. I know I need to lose weight. I just hate being obsessed.


Andrea said...

I, too hate all the ads about diets, etc. I struggle with weight and it all goes to my past.

I am looking with eager expectation for all GOD has for me this year. I pray HE will pour HIMSELF out to you and through you, too.

Hugs and prayers, andrea

Anonymous said...

It may sound stupid to you or arrogant, but why not switch off the stupid image machine? Forget the blabla, make your own thoughts and pictures.

Prayer Girl said...

Mago's comment reminds me of how I have dealt with alcohol these 24 years since I got sober. I see an ad for alcohol, I turn it off, divert my eyes, leave the room, whatever it takes. It works.

In God's world, in God's timing, ALL WILL BE WELL - WANDA!


Just Be Real said...

I agree, it may help a bit to turn it off.

Anonymous said...

Wanda, an eating disorder is a terrible cross to bear and I think I can understand your pain right now. But don't give up on yourself-- your health and happiness are of utmost importance and I truly believe we can't have one without the other.

I agree with mago and Prayer Girl-- switch the channel when those commercials come on! They don't make life any better for anyone.

In terms of the obsession, does distraction ever work for you? Maybe starting a crafts project or a different hobby you enjoy will be beneficial to at least give you some relief.

You're in my thoughts, Wanda. I'm rooting for you.


Gaia said...

Wanda do not be obsessed with losing the weight. Just reduce the amount of food you take and eat healthily. Go for a walk, one hour a day it helps to rid cravings. You just drink a lot and it fills you. at the same time you are losing a bit of weight. Do not go overboard or you might hurt yourself. Take care.

I will be starting my 1 hour brisk walk routine tomorrow,wish I could do it today, but I've got a class. I am feeling a little lethagic and I had stopped because of my knee, but that is not going to stop me now. Let's start it together. Tomorrow ... set?

Anonymous said...

I struggle with food issues, too. God has been helping me lately. I pray He will help you, too.


Blooming Psycho said...

I struggle with eating disorders too. I've currently given up. I will never be thin enough or pretty enough. I wish we could just love ourselves for who we are, not how we look.

Dreaming again said...

you'll get there ... you will ... you're determined enough to.

We both will.

schererart said...

I wish the best. It's not easy. Food is everywhere, and it's so darn good that it's likely the most difficult thing to cut back on.