Monday, April 14, 2008

Been out of the loop

I have been out of the loop for a while. My life has been turn upside down and I am trying to put things back in some kind of order. Some good news is I have lost 40 lbs which will help my joint and walking. I having some trouble with the fact that my former psychiatrist lost his licence for being inappropriate with some female patients. My problem is, I don't know what is inappropriate touch for a doctor and a patient. I really liked him and fully trusted him,


Dreaming again said...

If he did no more than RS, then he didn't cross the line with you. If he did, then you need to contact the clinic.

Since you're confused, you need to contact the clinic.

I'm so angry at this point. More so with him than I was.

At first, it seemed that it would just effect him, his family, and the girl that he crossed the line with. Now that i know this was an extended pattern ...and that it's effected Dozens of patients ...and their continuing care ... myself included ..with other therapists.
I'm furious. How dare he interfere with others lives.

How angry he got at those who'd hurt us ... and then he turned around and did the same.

Raine said...

You should contact the clinic I am sure. A psychiatrist should not touch you in any manner that could be considered sexual honey. No doctor should.

Anonymous said...

If he was a Nazi then he gets a pass. If he was a Christ killer then he gets the chair.

Deb said...

I agree with dreaming and raine.