Thursday, January 09, 2014

This And That

I saw my psychiatrist today and he says I am still hypo manic. That's better than the full blow mania that I have been going through. I have just been so hyper and irritable for so long. It is also so hard to control my spending. I really need to hide my credit cards right now! My psychiatrist increases one of my medications and wants to see me again in 2-3 weeks. That gets so expensive. Right now I am crawling out of my skin.
 I'm fighting the urge to go to the casino or get a half price milk shake. Both very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow it warming up and we have a 100% chance of rain. Maybe it will wash off some of our ramp. I took a bucket of water an sweep off the porch part today. It still looks nasty but better. I did learn a valuable lesson NOT TO USE KITTY LITTER! It really makes a mess.

The rapid changing weather is playing havoc on my lupus symptoms. It has been several weeks post op from total knee replacement. I am still having a lot of muscle pain and some stiffness'

My sweeper gave up the ghost and stopped working. I had a friend look at it and he pronounced it DOA!
It sure wasn't in the budget especially right after Christmas. I did get a good deal on a Shark vacuum cleaner.  I got it for half price after Christmas sale. It is very light weight and does a good job.

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Nikki (Sarah) said...

Hi Wanda...this weather makes me really irritable and lazy. Dreaming of spring.....wishing you a beautiful weekend.